Steven K. Jacobson

Steven K. Jacobson

Partner - Senior Consultant
Curriculum Vitea
Steven K. Jacobson serves as the Forensic Specialist for the Colorado State Public Defender assisting on DNA cases. For more than twenty years, he has consulted locally and nationally on DNA and other forensic cases. He has worked as an appointed expert for the Federal Public Defender, CJA panel and Colorado Alternate Defense Counsel Services.

Mr. Jacobson was one of the first lawyers to gain access to the original validation work done on the STR DNA testing system performed in the 1990s and now used by most laboratories. He has received training from both the manufacturer and defense experts relating to use of the propriety DNA software used by labs, including the probabilistic genetics program now used by the majority of labs.

He was motion hearing and appellate counsel in People v. Michael Shreck (nationally noted trial and Colorado Supreme Court decision on the admissibility of STR DNA Evidence). He was also counsel in People v. John Mark Karr (a one-time target in the investigation into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey).

Mr. Jacobson has been a criminal trial lawyer for over forty years. He headed the Boulder office of the Colorado State Public Defender for twenty-three years. He presently serves as Chairperson of the Colorado Supreme Court Attorney Regulation Committee and has served on the Colorado Supreme Court Criminal Rules Committee for twenty years.

He is a graduate of the National College of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He received his B.S. from Northwestern University and J.D. from the University of Denver.